Heading West

It was just a crazy idea I had 8 years ago, but somehow we’ve made it our reality. I guess it comes down to finding the right person who didn’t think it (or I for that matter) was all that crazy, but seeing it as an amazing opportunity to have an epic adventure.

So with all that prefaced, this is what Craig and I are setting out to do – cross mainland Australia from the most western point (Steep Point, WA) to the most eastern point (Cape Byron, NSW) tracking right through the middle! And thus, #RideTheRhumbLine was born.

Today we finished packing, pulled out of the driveway, and waved goodbye to our home, dog and mates for the next 4 months on the road. Well not all our mates, we’ve managed to wrangle a few into coming along for the adventure. They have agreed to be our support crew, cheer squad, amateur car/bike mechanics, first-aid administrators, and really whatever else comes along. Although they have ALL agreed we won’t convinced ANY of them to get on a bike, because that’s just CRAZY!

One last photo before we pull out of the driveway – Theresa joins us for the journey West